i just want some thoughts on either the roland cube 30dx or the ibanez rg350dx, since im planning to sell my gear rite now to get them
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They're both good for the price, but wouldn't really be significant upgrades over your current gear. The Cube is good, but its another solid state amp although much better than the MG. After a while you'd wish you bought a tube amp instead because that would make a HUGE difference over the MG you have now.

The RG350DX on the other hand plays great, but the stock pickups are left wanting and the knife edges of it's Edge3 trem would wear out after a few months of heavy usage, in turn making you spend more money to get an OFR bridge later on.

I suggest you save up a little more and then spend it on better gear like a Prestige (if you want to go Ibanez), which has better stock pickups (still could use some upgrading) and an Edge Pro bridge which is an excellent trem system. About the amp, save up for tube amp. You won't regret it.
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^ +1, basically. Though you could probably justify the cube (especially if you could manage a straight, or close to straight, swap for the mg), not so much the rg350, though.

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