I want to get a new guitar and i have narrowed it down between the kh-202 or the m-200fm plz help i need to kno which 1 is better i mainly play metal like metallica, maiden, megadeth, nad some other stuff
I would recommend the M-200FM since it's cheaper and has more luxurious features on it such as binding, flame maple top, and it's neck thru construction! Most signature guitars are overpriced for what they give you, and the lower end ESP LTD's (under LTD 400 range) arent that great, so I would stay away from the KH-202. The downside to the M-200FM is that it's made out of agathis, which is a relatively cheap and low quality wood. It also has ESP pickups which arent too great either, but you get what you get for the price.

I would also recommend the Schecter Damien FR, which is the same price as the M-200FM but has a better pickups and better quality woods:

You may regret the licensed Floyd. I don't like agathis even for wings. I would keep shopping. There are better guitars in that price range.
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You may regret the licensed Floyd. I don't like agathis even for wings. I would keep shopping. There are better guitars in that price range.

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I have a Gibson SG Standard, MIJ HSS Floyd Rose Strat, Ibanez AS 73. I would suggest the HSS Strat. I play classic rock (Hendrix, Zep, Cream, etc.) and blues. I love Floyds but some (maybe not all) of them go out of tune and wear out prematurely. Agathis is just not good wood. You might want to look into an SG400 (Epi.) They are the best of the SG clones. In that price range you are just not likely to get a good Floyd. I saw another thread with a suggestion of a Floyd within your budget but darn it I can't think of the name. Try the search function.
wow, yeah I would go with the M-200. A neck through at that price? Damn dude. The pickups aren't bad, and its got a licensed floyd, which isn't that bad. Plus the neck binding, and the flame top. Hell yeah man, go for it.
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I'd personally recommend that you get niether. Floyd's are a pain in the butt, atleast mine is, and an added benefit to having a fixed bridge is faster tremolo picking which can create a very metal like sound.

Save up a couple extra bucks and buy a Viper-400.
I've tried lots of LTD's with the licensed floyd rose, and they are no problem at all. Of course it doesnt compare to an OFR or a ZR, but still...if it stays in tune, then its okay. And if you know how to work a floyd rose, its no big deal...they arent that hard to maintain.

to the threadstarter: out of the two, I would go for the M-200 (like i already said) but if you're willing to try other guitars...there are definitely better guitars out there for the price, such as some Schecters...Ibanez RG350MDX or save up some and get a Jackson DXMG, which are godly.
I did not say that it was hard to keep in tune. On the contrary, it stays in tune forever. I simply mean that it takes forever to tune and is a pain in the butt to set up.

And don't get th Ibanez RG350MDX. You'll want to kill yourself from the stupidity of your decision. belive me, i have personal experience.