ok so heres the deal i own a 2006 jackson dk-2 dinky, three months from when i bought it (march 2007) i began expierencing problems, so i had the tremolo (a floyd rose licensed trem) re ajusted for 15 bucks. however i expierenced the same problem in another 3 months (the problem is it going out of tune upon dive bombing with the trem) now this time i had my cousin, whos been playing for like 12 years look at it, he said the neck is warping. he said the strings began to rise near the 6th+7th frets when they're supposed to do that near the 8 th and 9th frets. so im trying to sell it before the neck goes completely bad. however i just looked at the neck and didnt see what he was talking about, so i decided to ask the experts of this fine board. i took like 3 or 4 pictures showing frets 5-9, and wnated to see if you guys could see any signs ofthe neck warping.

these two are frets 7-12

Frets 4-9

Frets 5-9

Frets 5-10


I've been looking at this guitar on ebay under the brand name "vintage" i was wondering if any of you knew if that brand is any good.

any and all answers to these questions will be appreciated thank you
doesnt look to bad to me... and if it does get to bad, you can just adjust the truss rod... thats what its there for...

and has it been 4 months and your still getting other people to string your guitar?
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