I want to get a new set of pups for my strat copy. I'm looking for something that sounds really raw and a bit twangy (not tele territory, but not really smooth). I guess an overdriven surf sound is kind of what I'm looking for. I'm torn between the '64 stagger overwounds and the 60s-70s non-stagger overwounds. Does anyone have experience with either of these, or another set of GFS pups that you think would get that sound? Thanks a ton!
From what you've described, sounds like the 60-70's overwounds would do you well. I haven't played those, but I'm sure they're good if he's claiming those are his best. He hasn't put out any bad pickups I'm aware of.
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^The clearance ones are supposed to be just meh.

But I think those pickups will be nice. If you want twang, place a ferrous bridge plate underneath the bridge pickup. That's the secret of Tele tone. It won't get you exactly there, as Tele pickups are differently made than Strat, but it'll get you twangy.
they sell ones at singlecoil.com, too.
Thanks guys, looks like the 60s-70s overwounds are the way to go. That's a neat idea, putting the metal bridge plate of a tele on a strat. I probably won't do it, but maybe for some strat/tele hybrid in the future. Thanks again.