Are Hartke Bass Amps any good? I'm looking into some amps and i was wondering if these would get the job done. thanks in advance.
Depends what the job is... i've had one for 3 years . The HA350 or something with 4X10 cabinet.. They're reliable, loud, punchy and thick sounding. The only bad thing about em is that they're tone ain't very original (you know, just doesn't have a characteristic to itself) compared to more expensive brands.
For their price I'd say they're a decent buy. I've got the HA2500 with VX410 cab and it hasn't failed me yet, can manage to get any sound I need out of the 10 band EQ and contours. Only problem I ever had with it was a loose wire at the back making a rattle against one of the cones (which was probably my fault anyway considering it happened a good 6 months after I bought it) and was easily fixed with a bit of tape.

For its price its a top buy.
i think the amps sound okay i dont really like thier cabs however. i played one thru a mesa roadready 4x10 before and it sounded nice. but for what they cost new you could do soo much better second (or third) hand but if you are on a strict low budget and absolutley will not buy used they are pretty good
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i own the Ha2500 head and the VXL 410 cab

For the pirce i think they are a great buy and the tone is very good, especally with the graphic equaliser that allows you to really shape your tone any way you want... But i must say that the cabinet is not the greatest as i have had to send it away one for speaker replacement but maybe that was just a one off thing
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Are Hartke Bass Amps any good? I'm looking into some amps and i was wondering if these would get the job done. thanks in advance.

They will get the job done, I've got the HA2500 going through a VX212 and a 1x15 cab and I must say I can just about any tone I could want out of it.
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i played through a H3500 with Hartke 4x10 & 1x15 or whatever at a gig once, using a terrible back up bass while mine was out for repair, and it sounded great, really punchy and loud as hell!
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