I'm a decent player when I'm just chillin alone. Or with my friend and we jam acoustically. But when I'm in a group of people "jamming" I struggle with it due to too much going on at the same time. I'm pretty much asking for outlooks and tips for improving my jamming. Suggestions on anything related would be great.
yeah i get this to.

just do whatever u want. and rip out sumthin to make them say "wow hey howd u do that"

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It takes alot of practise to be able to jam effectively, or to make something constructive out of 3-5 people standing in a room wanting to play different things. To make it easier decide on a few things before you start. What 'feel' and Key you want to play in, it takes away from the meaning of jamming a little, but it will allow the melody or rhythm players to know pretty much what needs to be done to make it sound reasonable. And just go from there, alos as wierd as it may sound, you need to "Practise" jamming, with as many people as you can, this helps skills such as Aural recognition of keys notes and chords, as well as the ability to play well and to get the hang of different feels, but try as often as you can to jam with people "better" than yourself. Hope there was a few hints you oculd use in there, if you need clarification on any of that (i went on a slight tangent) just pm me.

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Be a leader. Start something simple that the rest of the group can build on, as opposed to trying to cut through the masses with some 32nd note arpeggios.
I don't know how good your ear is, but knowing your scales and other theory helps a lot, so you know what you're supposed to play. Also, remember to listen other musicians. Other than that, you just need to keep jamming and you'll eventually get better.
My encouragement is to focus on your timing first - so if you were playing with five people and all of them had **** timing - you could hold it together.

Make all your practice sessions be with a drum machine / metronome to acheive this.

Next, and along the same lines, I'd focus on being the backbone to whatever is happening.

Most of us try and shine - be the loudest, fastest, fanciest etc but in my experience the best jammers are those who can come up with original, sold riffs and hold it all together - so you're the cake rather than the icing!

Hope that helps :-)
What is a scale? How to work out scales.. What chords to use.. What are modes & where to find them.. ALL CAN BE FOUND AT www.robinmay.co.uk

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Remember, your first thought should be to the music. That is, the product of the
output of each individual contibutor. If everyone is off doing thier individual things,
you'll just make a mess. That's not what jamming is about. It's about MELDing with
everyone in your group for a common purpose. Everyone should know the part
they're to play and LISTEN to overyone else.
you should look into getting a sampler pedal. my boss giga-delay has one in it, great function.
this way you can lay down background chords/riffs, and practice soloing over them all by yourself. throw in a metronome or some drum loops and your all set. its become a daily thing for me and i feel my improv skills have increased tremendously.