Hey everyone, I've decided that I'd like to buy a Rickenbacker 330 guitar. Why? Because they kick ass and totally suit my tastes. So now its a matter of finding one that is affordable and within my price range.

Today I was at this great little boutique guitar shop in Milwaukee playing a 360 because they didn't have the 330 in stock. I loved it and now I'm settled on the 330(from what I understand the differences between the 360 and the 330 are all decorative). The price on the 360 was around $1200 which I believe is a great price, so stupidly leaving w/o asking I'm assuming the price on the 330 would be fairly decent(1000 maybe less, I'm hoping i can haggle a little off). Here's the catch, the store manager told me he wouldn't be able to get in another 330 probably for 3-6 months.

I've been checking ebay and I've seen some used but good condition 330's going for 700/800ish.

So what do you think I should do UGers? Wait on the shop or go on ebay and get one right now(well, once I have the cash)? Do you guys have any stories of hunting down elusive guitars? How did it turn out? Have any tips for someone on a similar quest?

Note: The shop was Wade's Guitar Shop. If you're in the area, I suggest you check it out, its a cool little place. It has a lot of stuff you wont see in a GC.
I've had pretty good luck with Ebay, but buying from a shop has its bonuses.

If you buy from a shop, you might get a warranty and free service for a year. The shop I buy from gives you free neck adjustments and stuff for the life of the instrument on new stuff, and they have a good return policy for used equipment.

I like to buy locally if possible, but sometimes I can't wait. Money tends to burn a gaping hole in my pocket if it sits there too long.
Me too, lol.

One issue is that I'm going to college in Minneapolis(5 hours from where I live now) at the end of the month. I talked to the manager however and he said he'd be able to ship the guitar up there. So hopefully that wont factor into it.