Haven't tried one out, but it looks like a good deal. Neck thru, OFR, ebony fretboard. BC Rich gets a lot of slack on this forum, and deservingly so most of the time. But this looks like a really sweet deal. Just try one out and make sure you really like the feel and sound of it first.
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well the thing about bc rich guitars is that their low end guitars are horrible.

ive only played i think 2 bc rich guitars, both low-end, about $200 and i hated them.
but, from what ive heard their high-end are supposed to be a whole lot better.

but if i were you, for that price i would look at an esp.
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It says an OFR is included so it looks alright...
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You can get these for £400 around here. I'm correct in thinking thats similar to $699 so go for it.
I got one for sale =]]
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It may be a decent guitar. The specs look great. However it probably is made in Korea (due to the Rockfields.) Doesn't make it a bad guitar. They are using maple veneer instead of a real carved-maple top. The OFR, neck-through, ebony fingerboard and killer looks make me like it a lot. It is not like the old Mockingbirds much except for the shape. Don't expect it to be as good.
As far as those particular Rockfields I haven't heard anything. The only other guitars I know of that use Rockfields (don't remember what model) are Micheal Kellys. From comments on forums it seems at least half of MK owners choose to switch them out to something else.
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Rockfields are pretty decent. Better than your standard stock pickup.

I'm not a big fan of Nato, though.

That guitar is a little overpriced, in my opinion.
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isn't nato just another type of mahagany?

I love some bc rich guitars and the mockingbird is tight but My rule is that unless it is like a grand or a custom made rich, don't buy it.

the necks are different shaped compared to most guitars and if you aren't used to it then it sucks

the sound isn't the best
but I would take this over a epiphone cutom lp
Here's a quote from a site talking about tonal properties of wood for guitars (take it for what it's worth):

Nato is a South American hard wood, similar to mahogany and was used as a cheap mahogany substitute for entry level instruments until agathis gained in popularity. Not really a great tonewood and is really only a step up from cheap ply or composite wood.
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^I'd let a pro look at it. Once you get into the technicalities of screws...well, it's just a place you don't want to be, friend.
One of the more attractive BC Riches. That being said, I wouldn't be seen dead with it.

Nice subject line by the way.
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I almost bought one similar to this, but I bought a 7-string instead.

If the opportunity presented itself again, I would buy one. Not sure about all the little do-hickeys on it, but it looks nice and the one I played was similar.
Nato wood sucks as hard as agathis and the top doesn't seem like a thick one, more like a really thin layer of beautiness, hiding an ugly beast. OFR is nice, but worthless on a piece of crap guitar. Also the PUs are no good at all. I'd go for some kind of ESP, Schecter or maybe even a used Jackson.

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