I want to know who you think makes the best love to thier guitar. Be it santana or hendrix, or whomever you think. specifically what Im looking for are players who might not be as well known but their music you would find in a cheesy porn. or 90's baywatch type stuff you know what im talking about. anyway... tell me what you think.

and yes im aware of how fruity this thread is.
I personally believe that Duane Allman makes (well... made) the best love to his guitar.

I don't find him to be the most technically proficient player ever or anything, but he was absolutely dedicated to his instrument, and could play it better than most during his time.

Everywhere he went he had his guitar; he often fell asleep late at night with it in his hands, in fact.

In terms of improvisation, he is nearly untouchable; especially in the world of Rock, and his slide work is rivaled by very few.
As weird as this thread is, I'll chime in and say Hendrix.

The guy actually wrote a song about making love to his music (Manic Depression) and he literally f*cked his guitar onstage at Monterey.

SRV...he just went at er and was one with his ho (guitar)..seriously in the videos i watch ive never seen a man attack his instrument with such grace and yet sound so aggressive...
I'd say Vaughan was close, but Hendrix, like someone up there said, even wrote a song about making love to music, so i think that about takes it.

Even though i am progressing quickly in that area, haha
Hendrix! I've allways thought that "Little Wing" was actually about his guitar.
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