im still confused after reading the sticky...
so basically tubes get more distorted the louder they go??
so how do i practice in my bedroom???
how do i get cleans??
as you can see im a noob...

thanks if you dont lose your patience
the clean channel will break up with high volume(thats the beauty of tubes), this is hardly even an overdrive so dont worry you can get cleans!!
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Depends on the amps of course, it's the same boat as solid states. Some are made for lighter rock some are made for metal.

Most amps will have a gain knob just like a regular SS, there are exceptions, Vox AC30, Epi VJ etc. etc.
sorry if im annoing people
but has anyone got some good recommendations for metal and maybe decent cleans (not needed but prefered)
or guide me in the direction of some good companys...
thanks alot
price range? genre?

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price range? genre?

he plays metal
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Vox Valvetronix You can crank the volume all the way then control the volume with a wattage knob on the back to retain the tube sound.
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well i got an MG
He said he wanted a practice amp. It's the only amp I know that has a wattage knob.
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well i got an MG
there aren't many metal amps for cheap. the most metal you could go on a budget would be a used peavey 5150 combo. that would be like ~$600USD.
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I would say the peavey windsor for distortion if you don't mind the cleans. It's pretty cheap.

If you have the cash, ENGL or Mesa.
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metal + cleans sounds like engl to me. if they're too dear, a randall rg50 tc might be worth a look.

as said, a master volume should let you get distortion at low volumes, turning up the volume should get you even more distortion. to get cleans at the volume you want, you need to buy an amp with enough headroom for cleans...
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for a practice amp and a metal sound I would prob recommend at 15-30 watt tube amp, with a distortion pedal...

I really wanna get a JCM or a Mesa Boogie in the future, but I dont have the money, haha
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