Hey guys, I know this is a very vague thread but I'd love any suggestions.

I've been 'playing' guitar for a few years without knowing what the hell I'm doing, and for the last couple of days I've been actually trying to learn theory. I've learnt the basic chords, A, C, E, G blah blah and I've learnt some dominant 7th chords and suspended ones, and I've learnt the names of the powerchords. I've also started with the major scales and should have them memorised soon.

What I want to know is, what should I go for next? There's so much infomation on the 'net and I don't feel like I understand it at all. I eventually want to get to the stage where I can write my own songs, and have them be 'real' songs instead of me messing around.

Thanks guys, any advice would be great.
Read the Sticky, then google/wikipedia/ask questions about anything you don't understand. Then ask that again.
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i would go with more scales different technics and learning the names of your power chords other then that learn sultans of swing but dont learn it with a pick finger pick it and learn all the lead thats a challenge at first
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If you stick with just major scale (and its modes), you'l have more than enough to
learn for quite a while. There's no point in memorizing a lot of scales, but knowing
nothing about any of them.

Your problem is you're memorizing a lot of random things with no understanding of
underlying connections.

Memorize the finger positions of the major scale up and down the neck for starters
(there's 2 common methods: CAGED or 3 note per string fingerings).

Then, the next most important thing to understand is how the scale harmonizes
into its chord family consisting of 7 basic chords. You should be able to play a triad
and/or arpeggio from every note on the fretboard in the scale. Not as hard as you
may think because you're always playing those same 7 basic chords which is why
you need to understand that.