Hey everyone, im new here and just wanted to see if anyone was into doing a online project. Not alot of ****, just something to past time. I play guitar and love music. Would like to do a very open project. Perhaps with different people.

Anywhere from music of the likes of Vai, Satch, BTBAM, Staind, Even some jazzy ****, Ska. I am really open and versatile. I Will prob use FL Studio for some of the backing tracks, and different drum machines also. Anyway. Hit me up if anyone is intrested(Guitar, Bass, Drums, Sitar, Keys...Anything. Later
BTBAM is a hardcore band out of NC. Between the Buried and Me...And as far as more info not really sure what ya asking. I never got any online project started so not sur of all the steps to keeping it organized. But anyway any questions and i will answer em
That does sound awesome.

I'll throw my hat in the ring if you need anyone. I play guitar and bass and have a little recording set up.
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I'll give it a go i got a guitar and base and use Cubase SX and an M-Audio Jam Lab.

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Well I got to go to work right now, But If u want Hit me up on AIM DogFaceFA. And we can have a more in depth discussion on it.
I wouldn't mind doing some online band stuff
I play keys guitar and bass pretty much thats it.
hit me up if you want more info or what not
I'm up for it, mainly bass, but some guitar.
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I am a pure bassist and would love to do this.
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