well im 14 i don't mind being in a band with people between 15 and 20, i would like to be in either a death metal bad (behemoth), a hardcore band (i killed the prom queen), a progressive rock band (coheed and cambria), hippy rock (the mars volta) or a thrash metal band (slayer).

i can do vocals and guitar. i'v been playing guitar for three years. my vocals sound very very similar to claudio sanchez of coheed and cambria, but i can also do death grunts.

if you want any samples of my guitar or vocals, add me on msn or email me at crossing_the_frame26@hotmail.com

Well my band is in Frankston, that's probly as close as your gonna get on UG. But we are looking for a guitar. and we do love those bands you mentioned,,,, and we are 15-16.........
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