Hey guys, we're an experimental ambient/shoegaze band. The Great Sea Serpents of 1878. We're influenced by EITS, Bloc Party, Circa Survive and the such. We have a few new tracks up and would greatly appreciate some criticism and opinions.

please check it!
our myspace is www.myspace.com/thegreatseaserpentsof1878music.
well explosions in the sky is more of an instrumental, mellow band. so that should be expected. more please.
It sounds good! I really like your page, help me do my bands page!

We just added you to our page :]
terrible mixing, the transitions are sloppy and out of time, and the notes are boring and unimaginative. every song stars with the same boring clean guitar..
Good advice, again these are demos and poor ones. we just wanted to see how people liked the general gist.
I'm a huge Explosions fan, and while I think you guys have potential, you're just not there. First off, as said before, sloppy, out of time, poor transitions.

Oh Beautiful Killer, I like the melody and stuff, but it just goes nowhere and gets boring. Add more layers, texture, and change the melody up more. Also, when you try to fancy the melody up, with the pull-offs and stuff...just don't. It sounds like crap.

Horizon Demo, apart from the same as above, a bad sounding effect. May just be the recording.

Improvisation 1...what is your drummer doing? Just...whoa. Stop. Sorry.

In a Different Life is getting there. Again the effects sound bad, but it may just be the recording. Get new pedals if not. Anyway, you're adding layering and texture, but you're nowhere near tight enough that it makes it better than your other songs. In fact, I'm not sure those 2 parts really go together. Maybe they would if the were tighter.

Anyway, I was probably kind of brutal, but I think you guys could be pretty good with improvement.
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Hmmm, I wouldn't call yourselves "experimental" when you're basically copying the EITS formula (badly). The drumming is totally out and rather irritating, as is repetitiveness of guitar. The reason Explosions In The Sky are so good is because their songs go somewhere. These, however, don't.

1. Practice with a metronome!
2. Listen to how EITS build songs up and layer the instruments.
3. Change the damn drumming!

Good luck!