I searched and their doesn't appear to be another "Only Fuel" thread, so here it goes.

Does anybody around here like Fuel? They're pretty good. Their song "Hemorrhage (In My Hands)" was featured on that Buzz Ballads CD, and some of their songs, including "Falls on Me" and "Shimmer" have had mild success.

They're only downfall is that their lead singer (Brett Scallions) left. On their new album (Angels And Devils), their new singer Toryn Green took over. Kinda different from the old albums.

Anyway, come and discuss Fuel, a great band.
i think theyre pretty good. havent heard any new stuff though. after natural selection i kinda stopped listening to them for some reason
I like them. Hemmorhage isn't that great, but their song "Quarter" is amazing. And I guess Shimmer is decent, too.
their old lead singer is heard to be working with the DeLeo brothers from STP
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I'm getting the new album it sounds really good. I like the old Fuel but I don't have any albums.
Quote by Shaggy92
their old lead singer is heard to be working with the DeLeo brothers from STP

He's better than the guy from Filter. Army of Anyone was lame.

Innocent is a great song.
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i have not given their new stuff a chance, i can't stand the new lead singer

fuel ended with brett's departure, in my opinion

but their stuff with brett was awesome, i really enjoyed the vocals, lyrics, and music

one of my favourite bands
pretty good band they will miss Brett...

fav tracks are Sunburn, Prove, Empty Spaces. Scar
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Love fuel...like alot of ppl i got into them after hearing Shimmer. I actually heard Quarter on Need for Speed on PS2 earlier but didnt realise it was them until after i got into the band.
Anyways, have all their albums now. Like most ppl im not a big fan of the new album since Brett has left the band. Favourite album is Natural Selection. Favourite songs are: Bittersweet, Shimmer, Sunburn, Hemorrhage in my hands, Innocent, Million Miles,Falls on Me and Running Away.