hi, im looking to play a 5-string, upgrading from a 4 sting. im fairly low on money and found this bass for really low price.


anyone have any experiences with these that might wanna give me some info?

thank you

PS: amp is not an issue, i have a decent one.
it looks alrite to me, i used to have a simlar bass, and it was pretty good for the money.

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The B string might sound awful with the 34" scale though. That and I would try a 5 string of not that 5 string before upgrading to a 5 string. Thats from personal experience.

Oh and it does look pretty good BTW, exept for the gold hardware... I hate gold hardware...
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oh yea, cuz thers less clarity. well, that wont rly bug me, i guess. im just looking for a cheap, good quality 5-string bass, that wil last. and that bass seems to fit. thanks for the post tho.
there's also less sustain with the b on a 34" bass but it has active electronics, that usually helps with that. well i decided i really liked 5 string basses on a bass similar to that so i don't think it should cloud your jugement too much on 5ers in general.

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I like the gold hardware
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Why don't you save up a little and buy a bass that isn't just another beginner bass? You'll just want to upgrade again in a year.

Agreed. It may just be my GAS, but I already wanna replace my OLP.
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I wouldn't get it, in my 3 years of playing, I have never hear of douglas, and that 5-string has to be cheap for a reason.

Only 8.5lbs as the weight of the bass? Either the wood its made of is very light, or its hollow and they put as little electronics as possible to still produce some sort of sound.

I personally wouldn't buy it, I would go with a company more well known like Dean or Rogue(cheapest brands I can think of).
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^My bass is 9 lbs. It's a Fender Jazz 24 so it's good quality and active.

Is that Jazz 24 a four string by any chance? if it is, 4 strings are usually lighter than 5 strings, seeing that in 5 strings, you have to have some additional electronics to support the extra low end.

My 5 string weighs a good 12.5 lbs

My 4 string weights 7 lbs.

If it is a five string, I stand corrected as far as fenders go.
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