Ticking away like beside my head,
unlike a slow jog.

Wind you up every night,
I don't hear you in the morning.

Therapeutic kneading on your back,
but all you do is keep whining.
Like a withered leaf you are so dead.

With your every action ringing in my head;
you run!
But you stay ever so still.
You run!
But your stubby legs don't make a sound.

Please stop right now.
Wait - even if you do the world still turns.

Faster faster, no you don't accelerate.
I need your help, O Moving One!
Many things lots to do, no time to waste,
I've got work undone and love to chase.

'Cause you are all the same,
every single one of you.
Left and right or silently around,
you shudder - forever.

This is where it ends,
not The Constant but your tiny embrace
on my wrist, where I will not