Epi LPs, are they worth the (relatively cheap) price. I could read the UG review but Id like ur opinions!
if you're getting an Epiphone LP, make it at least a standard. they are really good, not as good as the gibsons but they are great for the price that you pay.
I bought the custom plus for $700. Very good guitar. I'm not too sure how it is in comparison to a gibson, but I love it.
the epi is damn near as good as a gibson, and a lot lighter. id say go for it!
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the standard is cosmetically better. it has a cream binding, pickup covers, better finish, grover tuners and a carved top. it's also like 5 pounds heavier than the studio lol i dont think the epi studios have a carved top or anything else that is nice. the standard sounds pretty decent clean and really nice w/ distortion but i might swap out the pickups for some burstbuckers after i buy a new amp.
I have a customised one, but from what I can remember, it was pretty good before I customed it. It's amazing now though =]
i played on an epi standard today, it felt rly nice, im not too big into the big LP feel and i liked it, sounded awesome too, nice food sound on both the clean and distortion
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If you're considering an Epiphone LP, consider an Agile instead.
Better parts, less money.
Agile AL-3100 (highly recommended)
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The difference between the Epi Studio and Standard is the same as the difference between the Gibson Studio and Standard: They took off some weight (the bodies are slimmer), they've got no binding, the body is one piece of wood rather than a body piece + a top piece. Yes, the Studio does have some clight carving to it's top (not quite to such a degree as a Standard or above has though)

Contrary to popular belief, the rest of the tech specs - everything from the hardware to the body materials - are exactly the same on the Studios as on the Standards.
And for the record, Epi have been using actual proper mahogany for the last two years in all of their guitars too - regardless of what some people still spout, they do not use alder except for some tops. This of course doesn't apply to the Studio (which has no seperate top), or to many of their higher-end instruments which always have maple tops.

Really though, it comes down to this:

- The Studio has a bigger range of finishes (though are limited in terms of traditional finishes like bursts), and if you're used to lighter instruments like super-Strats or Telecasters, then you'll probably find the Studio more comfortable. They'll also be cheaper.

- The Standards and above will have more sustain, a slightly more traditional LP tone, and have less finish options (though do come in a wider range of bursts and other more old-school finishes).

That said... if you really want one, I'd say go for an Epi LP Custom instead, or maybe an Ultra if you're not a metal/hard rock player and want something a tad more bluesy. Or an Elitist series - they're easily as good (arguably better) than any actual Gibson LP, though they also cost virtually as much too.
The Joe Perry and Zakk Wylde signature Epi LPs are also very good, but of course they're not much good to you unless you are a fan of either of those two guys anyway.

Really though, any Epi LP above a Studio is good. The ones to stay away from are their Juniors, Specials, and 100's. They typcially skimp on those ones, and the quality in them is much worse.
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