Hello!I dont know how to start but well me and my three friends create movies...like Jackass,CKY...ofcourse its not as violent and theres no blood,****,vomit but its quite funny...it would be great if you would watch the film tell your opinion about it (not like oh man youre pussys and stuff) butt something about editing tricks and ****...oh yeah where from Lithuania so you wont understand what we are sayng....this movie was filmed at June


haha this is exactly the stuff my friends and i do when were bored
this is why jackass gets a bad rap. kids like you immtating it. and thats crazy JewMasatFlex , we live in the same area.
Listen to CKY.
Just watch the daily news,twice as entertaining,and people die!
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They're all covers, but "Think" was actually written by Urethra Franklin.

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