I have an old (1970-80's) Crate solid state amp and I was wondering if anyone knew what it was worth.
probably not much being that it's solid state....
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probably not much being that it's solid state....

line6 Vetta 2 is solid state and goes for £1000+

i suggest looking on ebay and other used goods places to see how much they seem to be going for
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They actually in my opinion sound much better than the new ones. I have an old 1980's Crate G130C 130 watt 212 combo and I like it a lot. Crunch and good distortion, as well as very good cleans. Unfortunately they are not worth a lot. There are a few vintage solid-state forums (can't recall names) who could give you a better answer.
^ You may be right but a lot of 70-80s solid states are notoriously bad.
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Yeah there was a lot of problems with cold solder joints. I had one in my effects loop which I repaired. I wouldn't use one for gigs or as my primary amp.