Ok, so prety much everyone *****s their guitars, amps, pedals etc here, but I was wondering about some of the smaller things and accessories you like to use? Things that often don't make a major difference in the sound, but are all about personal preference - and that's what makes them interesting!


Picks, strings, straps, straplocks, tuners, metronomes, attenuators, leads, capos, etc. And anything else I may have missed out on.


Dunlop Jazz III picks (red)
Ernie Ball Strings (though I'm trying DR soon) 9-42.
Dunlop Lucky 13 Strap
Schaller straplocks (anyone know how to install these by the way? :p)
Korg Metronome MA-30
Korg Tuner GA-30
Some really ****ty lead that's brand name begins with 'M'.
Jackson KV2
Epiphone SG-Special
Freshman FA1 AWR
Roland Cube 15

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jim dunlop .38 picks
ibanez strap (red with tribal stuff on it)
planet waves 20ft lead
ernie ball slinkies 10s

and thats it
PRS Custom 24
Tanglewood ROCK III
Epiphone LP Custom
Squier Strat
Epiphone Explorer
Ibanez GRG07LTD2
Marhsall AVT100
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Picks: I like the Jazz III I found, but I also like Dunlop Gator Grip 1.14 mms. When playing electric, I'll use just about any relatively heavy pick (although I don't like really huge ones). Acoustic- Fender mediums-thins, any relatively thin pick.

Strings: I need to change them... I've got 10s on now, but I want to step it up to 11s or maybe even 12s.

Strap: Planet Waves Locking strap

Tuner: Fender Chromatic Tuner

No metronome right now... I barely ever used one when I had it, but I might purchase one in the near future.

I think I have a Livewires lead. I've been meaning to replace it with a nice Monster one, but I haven't gotten around too it yet.
Dunlop Jazz III picks
Dean Markley NickelSteel (Going back to Blue Steels soon) .10 - .52(Going to .11s soon)
Some strap I got for free when I bought my first guitar
Some random cable. Pretty sturdy too.
jim dunlop big stubbies 2/3mm
korg ga-30
black plastic strap lock thingys
black leather strap with metal studs (metal as fcuk)
3 boss fs-5u footswitches (kinda counts right?)
ernie ball 10-52s or ernie ball rps 11's
and whatever leads i can get my hands on

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full rig:
Epiphone G-400(w/elixer nanoweb strings guage 10 or rarely 11)
Line6 Spider II
Unbranded lead
Stagg tuner
Big Stubby or Dunlop tortishell H picks
Levvey's American Flag strap with some pins on it
Gator moulded hard case
various other things like string winder and lemon oil and string cleaner

i can see a couple of more things added to this soon
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Pick Dunlop USA ultex 1,14
Strap Levi's Kinda nylon
Strings Black coated 0,11
Tuner seiko sat 500 chromatic
A violin bow
Herco Flex 75 picks are the ONLY picks.
I use Grover Tuners, and straplocks.
a studded Levy's strap
D'Addario or DR strings
a ****ty $3 "LEEM" daisy chain
a BOSS PSA power adapter
Picks: Fender California Clear Medium, Dunlop Tortex .88 and Dunlop Jazz III

Strap: Fender (that famous one with the logo and a strat headstock) in red/yellow/black

Straplocks: Golden Schallers. To install just screw the knobs into the holes where your old buttons were (remove those first though, d'oh =P) If they don't fit tightly then put a little piece of wood from a match in first

Tuner: Korg CA-30 (soon to be Korg DT-10 or Planet Waves pedal tuner though)

Strings: 09-42s, still experimenting but I've liked Ernie Ball the best so far

Leads: Cordial with Neutrik plugs, all made to length by my local shop
The gear is in the profile.
You know you want to take a look

Strat-mangling, echo-eating janglefan σƒ τλε τρπ βπστλεπλσσδ

Picks: Dunlop Harley Davidson 1mm.
Strings: Ernie Ball Power Slinkys
Strap: Jack Daniells Orange Leather End
Straplocks: Grover Iron Cross
Tuner: Err Cheap one - but does its job well
metronomes: None
Attenuators: What for a Fender Frontman 15G? Ha! The Attuner would cost more than the amp.
Leads: Viper cables
Capo: Dunlop Cheap one (rarely used, but still good)
Palmer PDI 03 load box
Planet Waves universal locking straps
Dean Markley strings
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Hmm well for the sake of a post
Dunlop Red Big Stubbies (1mm) the small ones.
Daddario 10-52s
Random suede+netting strap
Korg GA-30 tuner
Not really sure what the lead was, think it was a viper or something. Good quallity though..
Picks: Dunlop Gator Grip .96 mm
Strap: Dunlop, plain black
Straplocks: Black Zeppellinn locks, new company, but very sturdy.
Tuner: Korg GA-30
Stings: GHS Boomers 10s
Leads: Planet Waves Gold 20 ft, Monster Cable 12 foot, Monster Cable patch cables.