My son plays guitar, has for just about 2 years, with lessons.

He started on a B.C Rich Warlock, because he liked the way it looked, but he wants a guitar thats a bit faster, lighter and with a tremolo.

So, not knowing a lot about what is good in the price range he has, I am seeking some personal preferences and suggestions from experienced players.

He has $250 to spend, and we have a Guitar Center nearby. He's your typical 10 year old, 74 lbs, with a chorus and a distortion pedal currently.

He's fond of some of the groups I enjoyed back then, Van Halen, Poison and the hair band craze. He also enjoys Nickelback, GreenDay, Daughtry and so on.

You cant get much with $250, but maybe a strat of some sort? Thats usually a pretty safe bet. But it's traditional and he may not like that.
try some Ibanez? not sure 250 is enough but u might get a so so Ibanez or any other guitar.
I am willing to add to his personal amount, if its needed and will really provide him with a much better instrument, so its not out of the question. Keeping in mind he's 10 and not an Eddie Van Halen at this stage yet.

But, I don't want to pop out a few hundred of my own, if in the end, it won't really make a huge difference in the end at this point in his life.

So, if you happen to know of anything particular, feel free to point it out.