yeah so i gotta memorize the regional body terms by friday. Except im horrible at remembering things like this and i dont really know how to study properly.
I was wondering if anyone knows any tricks to memorizing this stuff (examples: antecubital,patellar, olecranal etc)
so any help would be appreciated.
and not icy hot or barrel rolls.
well i think some icy... oh.....

maybe getting off UG and hitting the books would help?

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If you have a metronome, set it to sixty and study. Also, stay calm and move to an undistracting environment. Good luck on your test.

(If the metronome beep is bothering you, you are not focusing enough)
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Go in a quiet place and study your ass off, and good luck.
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Find things to relate all the parts to. Visualize them in your head. Label them on diagrams. Make a song with them.
I used to have music on while I studied. If i limited the selection to a particular artist/album for a particular topic, i found thinking about the music sometimes helps me remeber stuff during exams.