I wonder if any one have tried the marshall tsl edition? What did you think of it? Which one should I get....should I get the 60w or the 100w. I will use it when I jam with my band so there have to be enough power

Thanx for the help
60 watts most probally
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I've got the 100 i can turn to 3 and my entire bedroom rattles. Go for the 60 unless you find a 100 for cheaper then might aswell have the extra head room.

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i have a tsl60 and i love it. sometimes it seems like it should be louder than it is (probably all in my head) but it is still really loud and certainly loud enough for anything i need to do. its also really versatile.
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i have the combo version with 1x12 speaker, it sounds amazing and the stack one sounds even better
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I have the TSL100. It awesome.

At band practice I usually have the volume at 4 or 5.
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I hate TSLs. I've tried the stack and combo and both were useless.
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