I need a good small tube amp for home practice. Ill have around $350. Whats the best i can get in this budget?
Oh, i almost forgot, the music i play could be categorized as blues, rock, or funk.
Fender Champion 600 with an OD pedal?
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BJ? Champion 600? VJ?
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Fender Blues junior, Epiphone Valve Junior, CHamion 600 and get a tubescreamer or fulltone ocd
The fender champion 600 doesn't seem to break up much in the vids i looked at, and i hate using pedals. Would the VJ sound better overdriven then the fender overdriven with the pedal.
Ok ive looked at most of these amps already and i've narrowed it down to the blues junior with a tubescreamer or the valve junior halfstack (the halfstack cause i have had humming issues with the combos). Which would UG choose?

Is the blues junior very bright? Cause i don't want it to be too bassy but i like it to have a full sound.
i would get the valve junior because its 5 watts and you can get it cranked at a little bit higher than practice volume.

thee Blues junior is also pretty good, heard you need a better speaker though