Hey fellas,

I have a question for people who are good with technology, mainly software.

Ok, a friend of mine, a rather talented musician, has written a song in a software called Fruity Loops. He asked me if there is a possable way of me being able to play this tune on a guitar. The song itself mainly consists of piano riffs that I think can easily be played on a guitar by just simple picking pattern.

My question however is- is there any software that you know of that can convert the input sounds (preferably where the input channel can be set up as my Windows Media Player) into tablature format? I know of this programm called Music MasterWorks and Im downloading the trial right now that can convert the input signals into MIDI and then sheet music but once again, I would like to know all of the possabilities out there.

I can pick the notes roughly by ear but I've only just got into playing guitar and its still slightly tough for me. Plus the song is rather long and picking each note by ear as a newbie is rather tough.

Anyways thanks all in advance and sorry if this topic has been raised before
^ try riffs and recordings for a better answer. they have some guys in there with good software knowledge. as far as i know, nope. theres not really anything like that out there. i'd just ask for the sheet music and write it out based on that.
Ok, I'll try that, I had a thought at the back of my head that I may have been posting in the wrong forum

Thanks for your advice
if he can export it as a MIDI file from fruity loops, you can then import that MIDI file into the common tab programs (Powertab, Guitar Pro) and organize it abit so its playable