I'm looking at these two guitars here, tell me what you think about either, if you like the one you have, or about any other guitars in the price range. I'll probably be buying a new guitar by the end of the year.

It'd probably help to know that I play a lot of Jazz and blues and songs by incubus, rhcp, mr. bungle, time lapse consortium. . .


i've never played a schecter but PRS are brilliant quality, the stock pick ups are great, even on the lower models, although you could do better of course. i myself am saving up for the se custom and it feels great to play
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yeah i really liked the prs and havent yet played the schecter ive only read up online but i had a pretty sweet jam session with some random harmonica enthusiast in sam ash yesterday.
PRS SE Custom hands down. But I am biased because I owned the guitar and I don't fancy Schecters.
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PRS SE Custom hands down. But I am biased because I owned the guitar and I don't fancy Schecters.

+1, word for word.

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does anyone own or has anyone played a schecter.

My friend has one; I really didn't like it. The action was too high, the fretboard didn't seem to move at all. It felt really sloppy to play.
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Alright thanks, I'm gonna go buy myself a nice new guitar once I come up with an extra $600.
I own a schecter omen-6. It's one of the lower ended schecter guitars but it's still one of the better guitars that i have played. I have also played a C-1 Classic and i wasn't disapointed at all. I've heard that PRS are pretty good too, so i think either way you go, with the classic or PRS it's going to be a toss up. You'll be happy either way. Both brands make excellent guitars.
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a schecter to a prs is like a brick of doggie poo to a brick of gold.
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ive got a schecter s-1 blackjack, i tihnk mine plays great! really love the pickups (the blackjack series comes with seymour duncans) it just ROARS with a nice distortion on. playability? its great to, very easy access to the hire frets very smooth, i love mine =) though i like my les paul more XD lol
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heres my advice, it was given to me by this old gummer in the local jazz scene here
ordering an instrument from an online catalog will never work out the that you totally want to. there will be some small tiny inconvenience that you settle for with the guitar. it just seems like its never exactly what you want.

go into music stores. dozens of them, go out of town to larger older music stores, check out pawn shops, and play what you think appeals to you, have an idea of what you want and play dozens of different guitars, play through your amp, or anything close to it. bottom line, dont fall in love with the brand or any specific guitar before you play it.

i went into a guitar center looking for a jazz box,or semi hollow, and didnt find ****, my plan was to buy this epiphone semi hollow body, and it turned out to be the exact opposite of what i wanted. i went to this other old music store and picked up a few guitars, and eventually decided on a john scofield guitar for a hell of a deal.
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