How much do you UGers out ther play. Like how many hours a day

I started playin at noon(right when i woke up) amd its only ten but i've been holding my guitar a noodling on the computer so its not 10 hours of solid practice. I dont know how guys like steve Vai do it but i dont mind playing around on the guitar all day some days
Wake up earlier?

I practice from when I get home from work to when I near exhaustion from hunger. Usually 4-5 hours a day, more if I'm practicing with my band.

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I've been playing for ages lately. Think I'm getting more serious since I'm getting ready for a music course at college in September. I mean, I'd like to say I was pretty good anyway... but I want to get as big a headstart as I can.

I pretty much do the 'have your guitar out all day and pick up and play throughout the day' thing when I've done my warm ups. Works for me.
i break it up into 3 sessions ranging from 2-4 hours

one in the morning
one in the afternoon
one in the evening

i cover about 4 topics 3 or 4 exercises each and each topic takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour
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Theirs a difference between playing and practicing.
It depends with me though, when I'm just really tired i won't practice at all, if not I'll practice anywhere from 4-8+ hours.
I like to do my own version of Steve Vai's 10 hour workout. It's usually less than 10 hours, but some days, I don't feel like having a life, so I'll practice 10+ hours .

I make a rough outline of what I want to practice for the day:

1. Linear/Angular exercises
2. Chords (charts/ memorization/ jamming)
3. Scales
4. Ear Training
5. Improvising
6. Songwriting/lyrics (both music and lyrics)

I write down everything I practiced at the end of the day, review what I did well, and what I had problems with, and make the schedule for the next day according to that. People always say that in doing that, I'm making guitar a chore, and not something fun. But if I didn't think guitar was fun, why would I be practicing 10 hours a day? I still like to look up a tab every once in a while and play the songs that I love.
Personally, I find that the best form of practicing is simple figuring songs out... it used to be Petrucci's Suspended Animation, then Necrophagist's Onset of Putrefaction and now it's been Joe Pass's As a Leader (Big change, for me, but I like the different harmonies). Every song has a different technique and approaches at playing things. That way, I "practice" my fingering and the such while I continue to train my ear and (of course) keep myself literate as far as the theory behind all the songs... I usually stick to a song for about three days at a time, till it's completely down. Then I switch and never look back... it kind of sucks that I can barely remember so many songs that I've learned over the years, but it comes back fairly quickly. Anyway...

Best of luck.
I'm almost always doing something music-related. I don't have a specific practice regime nor do I do many technical excercises; my ultimate objective with guitar is the pursuit of hapiness.
I used to be really anal about breaking down my practice routine like: 15 minutes chords, 15 minutes scales and improvisation, 15 minutes palm muting, 15 minutes learning new songs. This got old really quick, practicing guitar started to feel like work.

Nowadays I practice between 2-4 hours a day, I'm not studying to get into music school or anything, so as long as I'm seeing steady improvement I'm happy. Practice is enjoyable again for me now that I've focused my practice routine around performance and learning songs. I spend about a half hour practicing chromatics and improvising based on scales, maybe some rhythm practice, to a metronome. The rest of my practice involves learning new songs. I pick songs that have many different parts that cover techniques that I'd like to get better at, that I wouldn't mind being able to perform for people or record and put on a web page somewhere. I use guitar pro to isolate really difficult passages and slow them down. I've noticed a lot of improvement ever since I started practicing this way.