ok this is my last one...anyways i was also thinking of getting a LP Jr DC thats about $700 and mij...it looks really nice. it has a seymour duncan SP90-1b..well i wanted to know how the pup sounds..like what kind of music would it be good for. and if there are songs or bands that use p-90s could u list some?

again much thanks

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greenday's lead singer ahs a LP junior, but not double cut, adn yes it ahs a p-90. p-90's are single coils, so i assume they have a brighter sound, and would be good for blues, classic rock, adn alt rock, not too heavy sounding. and i havent tried one, so try to find one and play it
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If you are wanting to buy a guitar without knowing how it sounds, you should not be buying the guitar.

Don't buy based on looks or brand .

P90s are like hotter, meatier single coils.
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