i have recently dropped my tuning from drop c tuning to drop b tuning. i felt my strings were getting a bit loose now that im at this tuning. im currently using 11 gauge dean markley's. would my best bet to move to 10s? i want to get back to the sufficient stiffness of the string that will bring back my smooth tone and no buzz
for that low you wouldnt want to go down gauges. You'd want to go up to probably 13s. But if you're going to play that low, you should probably just get a 7-string guitar

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dude, use ernie ball not even slinky's. i jsut slapped them on my ibanez IC400, and its great for drop c and Bb tuning
ive played a 7-string. i cant get into it. i love my six string and i have small hands anyways.