I've heard that these provide a similar tone to Mesas but are much more reasonably priced. Does anyone know know about their sound and reputation?
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I want to buy one...

so far i've heard they're extremely versatile since they can give similar tones to Marshalls, but with Mesa-type gain and cleans similar (though not with that much reverb) to Fenders. They tend to be slightly dark sounding as well.

I have read a couple of bad things though on a couple of cases...such as fast heating and some manufacturing defects (nameplates falling off, slight assembly problems), the reverb in some tends to decay over time. I think these are just bad lemmons though.

Idk...that's what I'VE heard...but i've never actually played one...can't wait till i do.

EDIT: they sound effin' great for any style.
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The 1x12's overheat apparently, but the 2x12s have a better time dealing with heat.
I have a b-52 LG100A half stack, and it's great, especially for being a solid state amp. The gain is in between a mesa and 6505+. It actually compared to my old 6505+ pretty well, but not as much to my plexi =D
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From my experiences with them, you can make a Boogie sound like they do but you can't make a B-52 sound like a Boogie.

B-52's have a bit more of a rock edge to their distortion, not quite as modern. They remind me of a hot rodded Marshall. They're affordable and give you good tones, not mesa good, but good nonetheless.
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They're good for high gain but the cleans blow and to whoever said fender like NOT EVEN CLOSE. Good for straight up rock though not quite mesa or marshall but good. Ive heard that they have problems w/ overheating as well but they should be warrantied. Dont get one used.
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I thought the cleans were pretty good, considering most $600 tube amps can only do either gain or cleans well.

B-52's warranty service is pretty good, and email correspondence was great.
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I have the solid state LG100 Halfstack.......its got a killer tone from a solid state amp. Definitely better than my old Marshall valvestate....Mine seems built like a tank. And it helps I only paid 200 for it. Its a reliable amp, and has already played two shows with me at some pretty large venues (Cats Cradle in Chapel Hill being one) And it definately kept up with a friends 5150. While I eventually would like to have a 5150, the B-52 is pretty sick.

The tube B-52s are even better, especially when the stock tubes are swapped out

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