Alright guys do you think two dDuncan design humbuckers for 30 dollars is a good deal? Or should i just buy one for 10 dollars? Or this this a really bad idea

I should have pics or at least a link to what they look like in an hour or so.
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30 dollars for duncan designed pick ups isnt bad but try to get real duncan or emg pickups instead
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how can u get Duncan Design pickups for $10??? real ones are $70...
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^Those are Duncan Designed not actual Seymour Duncan pickups.

Don't get confused on that.

Duncan Designed pickups rang from "okay" to "great" but actual Seymour Duncans go from "great" to "OMG OMG OMG EXCELLENT" depending on the pickup and tone you're searching for.

Get real Duncans, DiMarzio, Lace, or EMG pickups. If you're looking for a good deal go with GHS (they're fantastical), Mighty Mite (cheap single-coils, "duel rails" and motherbuckers) or Powered by Lace. Honestly those are more reliably awesome than "Duncan Designed" pickups.
i don't think duncan designed are that great, they're ok but if you're replacing stocks go for regular seymour duncans, because duncan designed are often used as stock pickups in certain guitars.
All the major guitar brands buy their cheap stock pickups from the same handful of factories in the far east. Almost all of your aftermarket pickups that are far, east brands, come from these same factories, are wound on the same machines, and put together by the same people. In other words, they are the same damn thing you had before. Chances are, the "Dungan Designed" pickups you are looking at are made in the same factory to the same quality standard as the pickups you have. The only difference will be how hot the pickups are.

Honestly, the only way to get quality pickups is to buy them from a good company from the developed world. Places like the UK and the USA, and not Mexico, Korea, or China. Even if you are buying American that doesn't mean you will be geting kick ass pickups. Companies like Duncan and DiMarzio are good, afordabe, middle of the line pickups, but they are far from the best.
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Seymour Duncan Design = Not so good
Seymour Duncan Pups = Good

If your on a budget check guitar fetish, cheap good pickups.
they use duncan desinged pickups on squires. its a marketing trick. they are designedby seymour duncan, but they arent actualy setmour duncan pickups.
When i asked for pics of the pickups the guy said,

"Well you know I don't have a camera as of yet..All I can say about these
pickups is they have a heavy metal sound..I don't have time to look around
to show you these cause they come out of a rare Fender Squier SG that was on
the market in 2005 for about 3 months before Gibson put a law suit against
Fender..They are as I said Duncan Design.."

and i can get one for 15 bucks what do you guys think?
I think it's pointless to spend money on more crap. Don't bother.
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Does it already have pickups? If it does then what you are looking at getting are probably not going to be any better than what you have. It's like traiding a rotten apple for a rotten tomato. In the end you still have fruit that stinks.

If you don't have pickups, then it's kind of up to you. I guess having a pickup is better than nothing at all.
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yup the pickups i have right now are absolute ****, they do NOT work at all and for the guitar to be any good it will definatly need some pick ups lol
^but you do have pickups right now right? The ones you are looking at are probably not going to be any better. They are from a squire. Think about it. If you really want to buy them then go ahead, but I doubt you will get anybody here telling you that it's actually a good idea.
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Quote by CorduroyEW
^but you do have pickups right now right? The ones you are looking at are probably not going to be any better. They are from a squire. Think about it. If you really want to buy them then go ahead, but I doubt you will get anybody here telling you that it's actually a good idea.

Actually I would rather you guys stop pissing on the idea, they also use Duncan Designs in Schecters and they sell pretty well, remember that most of the tone is coming from the guitar and amp and not as much the pick-ups. I'd guess the pups the guy is talking about are probably the type used in the Schecters too. Don't hate on them just by association guys.
You are right about the amps. That is why when people want good high output pickups and they are playing through a crap amp I tell them get a new amp. I've told people that wanted to buy 2 of my beefbuckers at $160 each, that a good amp would fix their tone issues and they didn't need my pickups. I don't hate the by association. I don't even hate stock pickup in general. I hate the idea of taking low quality pickups out and then paying for more low quality pickup stat were probably made in the same factory as the originals. If he isn't happy with the quality of his current pickups, what is the point in buying more that are the same quality?

Like I said before. There are only a couple companies making stock pickups for all the guitar brands. The name duncan designed doesn't mean anything. What matters is who made the pickups.
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Dont waste your money TS, seriously.

The example of apples and tomatos is right, there is no point changing crap pups for crap pups, it will not sound ANY different. Save an extra 10-20 dollars then order off of Guitar Fetish, good sounding pickups for real cheap price, and almost definatly better than the pieces of crap this guy is tryin to flog off to you.
i bought the guitar for 50 dollars...i already have another ibanez something sitting at home