Right so here are the rules

1. Leave a message in this thread saying that you would like to record a song.
2. Obviously it must be an Oasis song.
3. The entries will be compared to the originals.
4. All recordings must be done by the 1st of September.
5. The entries will be judged by my band "One 2 Many".
6. Only one entry per person.

Alright I just recorded mine.. Live Forever.. I dont really know if I leave a link to it in here or not so just let me know.. through a message or in this post and ill link you.. thanks
can i do half the world away? i think i already have a recording i've done. where do you want me to upload it too or send you or whatever?
I'm surprised no one's taken it yet. I know it's cliche, but I'll take Wonderwall.

EDIT: I'm going to need to take my name out of this one, as I need to prep for leaving the country for a year on Monday.
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I'dlike to try Champagne Supernova. If this is still going of course...someone should start it again, asthe TS has been banned.