Just last night won a Cube 60 on eBay for $400 AU

Its almost new and comes with its original box. I already have a Cube 30 from a pawn shop for $120, planning on selling this for a reasonable price (could you tell me how much they should go for AU?) like $300 and making the Cube 60 only end up costing me $220

Anybody got some details on how different they sound to the cube 30? Ive also seen I'm going to have to mod my foot pedal i made for the cube 30 to go in 2/3 different jacks for the 60 unlike the single stereo plug for the 30.

Also, ive never really tried any effects pedals, though i might be going into the music store on the weekend and trying out alot of guitars, amps and pedals. Any recommendations on what i should try in OD/D and Delay pedals?
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I owned the 30, played the 60.

They basically sound almost exactly the same, although I didn't try out the DynaAmp.
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Cube 60 's are really cool amps for metal and gainy stuff, small and compact, and still sounds great ! My friend uses his to rehearse with a drummer and uses a Line 6 Pod with it and it actually sounds really cool.

Congrats !
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i have a cube 60. and if that is your budget, you can't get any better

i'm only replacing it if i get a rectifier. otherwise, this stays with me

ps: the footswith would be boss fs-5u
great buy, only 400?
sell the 30 on eBay for 250 bid and 350 buy it now. there is only one other cube 30 on there and its selling for 250 bid and 400 buy it now, so if you stick your up quickly then it will look more attractive next to the 'overpriced' one.

[EDIT: the other cube is a bass cube, just read the details.]
For those who care.
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I've always perferred the valvetronix series over the cubes, but I am by no means saying the cubes are bad. I think they are really cool, but I don't play any metal whatsoever so the valvetronix series has always been more fit for me. If I were to pick up metal, I wouldn't hesitate to go for a cube 60. good grab!
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i have my cube 60 for about a year, it is great, play a few live shows with around 200-230 peope and i still havent gone over 3/4 volume. i would suggest headphones as they are quite loud.
Hmmm in the UK then the Cube 30X and Cube 60 are more or less the same price (give or take a few pounds). I'm not sure which to go for though...I doubt I need the extra power but I'll probably just go for the 60.