The Midrange knob on my amp is four on each side. So the zero is on the top, where 5 would regularly be on a 1-10 knob. It looks like this:

             1    1
          2          2
          3          3
              4   4

Somewhat. The zero is supposed to be right in the middle, on top, but I couldn't get it to work. Although that is a pretty terrible rendition of it, it gives you an idea. Can anybody explain what this means, or how it works?
5, or Zero in the case of your amp would be an 'unmodified' signal. so theoretically if you have all eq knobs set to 'zero' then the eq theoretically isnt doing anything. the numbers away from zero is just a weird way of judging just how much your Mid knob is actually changing your tone. i would personally rather have tone knobs like that.
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^ mmmm .... thats odd . So then if you go into - left hand side from 0 , its taking away the tone more than what the amp would have if eq was doing nothing ? wow now im also confused .
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^It depends. If the EQ is active, then it will boost when you turn up the knob. If the eq is passive, it cuts the frequencies. Therefore, on a passive eq'd amp, full on would be what the amp sounds like by itself.
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Go buy a strat knob and slap it on for a minute. Then you'll have your answer.
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So you're basically saying that if I turn the knob left it's like a negative, and right is like a positive?