Hey guys, ive recently just gotten into fingerpicking and im wonder is the pinky essential? ive tried using it in some excercises and its just an epic fail. And some other lessons ive read make no mention of it.
So im wondering if i should use it or not.

Ive been learning classical for a while now, and i am still yet to find anyone that uses their pinky..... Its used in flamenco for Rasgado's (sp) but thats about it...
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There is little point to use the pink, actually. Classical technique only implies your 4 other digits.

Practically, it all works fine. I have never been in a position where I really wished I had my pinky. I think it's based partly on the fact that your pink and ring finger share a muscle, so you can't get as much independence with them, or something to that effect.
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The only time you use the pinky is when you hold a pick (plectrum) between thumb and index finger for stronger bass lines. It's very difficult to use the pinky initially, because it's the weakest finger. Once you get the other three right (i, m, a (or ring) you can experiment with pinky.
Yeah, pinky doesnt really matter. Once you get the 3 fingers and the thumb going - it covers all. I usually have my thumb controlling the E, A and D strings and other 3 fingers assigned to the top 3............works fine for me, never once had to use my pinky.
I use my pinky sometimes. For example in the song "Pink Floyd - Is There Anybody Out There?" in this part:

E|---------0---------| c
B|-------1---1-------| a
G|-----2-------2-----| m
D|---2-----------2---| i
A|-0---------------0-| p

I'm thinking about using my pinky more often.