Hi guys , so i am getting ok with the guitar , been playing it for about a month and a half now. Most of the songs that i play with have a solo part in the middle , so i decided to get a pedal which makes that nice 'wah wah' sound. The thing is , when i went to my local guitar store , there are like , hundreds of them!! And they all have those complicating names with numbers...I walked out of the store empty handed and feeling very lost. So can anyone please recommand me a relatively affordable pedal?($100-$200) And what is the difference between a cheap and an expensive pedal? Thanks a lot!
for a beginner, id recomend a dunlop 535Q wah pedal.its simple and works ok with both gain and clean.
and ofcourse the difference between cheap and expensive stuff is the quality...and sound
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The 535q is a great wah, I've used it for years. I however do not recomend any of the Morely Bad Horsie pedals. Remember, just because Steve Vai does something (and bear in mind I'm a huge fan) doesn't mean you should. They sound weird, boost yout signal in a weird way and there is no way to keep the pedal in one position because it's spring loaded. Very odd devise...
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I'v had a Dunlop 535Q for several years. Its an amazingly versitile wah. 7 different wahs in one pedal with adjustable gain and adjustable sweep sweet spot. Rather easy to use and get good results. Dual battery for a great bypass. Id say try them out but you wont get the best out of it without many many hours of playing as wahs are not as straigtforward to use as you'd imagine. It wont sing for you straight away but persevere and it will sound ace. I get everything from Hendrix to Metallica out of mine with little hassle.
Thanks for the info guys , will definately be checking out those two pedals. Hopefully they will let me try em out first before making a choice.



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You might wanna check an auto wah out as well, to see if you like it better...

You could always get an expression pedal to attach to the auto wah if you feel like you need to rock your foot...

That's what I did with my AW-3 Dynamic Wah. I got an expression pedal for when tap tempo just wasn't enough.
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