Hey guys, I'm in a band that I'm not getting along with at all. They take advantage of all my gear then get really angry when I don't let them use it because they destroy it. I pretty much provide everything for the band, practice space, recording stuff, equipment. I'm getting really sick of them. They've just booked a gig for next tuesday and I'm debating whether or not to quit on them. I know that it would be a really low thing to do, quit the band right before a show, but I'm completely done with these guys and I would be quitting right afterward anyway. I hate having practice with them because all they do is complain that I don't do anything right. We've been together for a couple years before this.

I guess after that big rant, my main question is:
Should I quit on them before the show, just to kind of poke them in the eye, as the show means nothing to me? Or should I stay with them until after the show? Or anything else you can come up with.

Sorry for such a long post, most of it is a rant, I'm really pissed because they just broke my stomp box.
Tell them ur pissed off and see what they say, if ur still wanting to quit - do it after the show.
If they are as cantancaras as you said, I'd quit in the middle of the show, punch the singer in the face, kick in the bass drum, set the set list on fire, then go have a scotch.
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i wouldn't quit before the gig... at least not any more than an hour or two beforehand!

or just walk off in the middle of the set.

whatever you do, get your equipment back first. you don't want it busted up more than it alread has been.
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Screw up their gig. 'Accidentally' turn off your guitars pickups and 'accidentally' bring your squier bullet and 10 watt MG. (come on, admit it, pretty much everyones got this kind of a setup that they started with.)
Oh yeah, and don't forget to 'accidentally' partly saw through the back of the squiers neck beforehand and have it 'accidentally' fall off when you start to play.
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I'd play the gig, then quit. Quitting so close beforehand might end up giving you a bad reputation in the eyes of other potential band members who didn't know the full story. Quit after the gig, and make sure (as was mentioned above) that you've got all your gear back before quitting.
Thanks a lot for the responses guys, I'm really leaning towards quitting before the show because today the guitarist called me, (I'm the drummer) and said that I'm going to have to pay for his new pedal that he needed to buy since I took mine back. I told him to **** himself so yeah. Thanks a lot for the advice anymore is appreciated.
Yea don't take crap from band members. If their being idiots screw em.

Some thing else thats interesting i heard this from a drummer: Its called how the drummer sees the band from biggest ego to the smallest one from the drummers point of view. (this is for five peices)

1st. Lead Singer
2nd. Lead Guitarist
3rd. Rythem Guitarist
4th. Bass Guitarist
5th. Drummer

Kinda interesting way to look at it.

Edit: no offense to any guitarist or singers.
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If they are as cantancaras as you said, I'd quit in the middle of the show, punch the singer in the face, kick in the bass drum, set the set list on fire, then go have a scotch.

This man knows what he's talking about.
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Haha yeah I laughed a good while after reading that. That option is getting better sounding by the minute.

To answer the question: it's only thursday.
The venue can, more than likely, get another band to replace yours.

So it's really your call, but make your mind up quick, ya?
I just re-read the original post and nowhere did you say anything about the quality of the band.
I'm going to take a guess and assume that they are either crappy pop-punk kids, or piss-takingly good shredders.

No musician worth their weight in salt would be as arrogant as that, nor have the cheek to TELL (not ask) their bandmates to buy them equipment.
If you can find a way to get all of your stuff back, then tell them that you want to quit. It might be a better idea to tell them before the show, and then play the show with them, so that they can announce to the audience that you are leaving, and possibly find a replacement.
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So today I told the guitarist I quit, he got pissed at me and said that I was treating the rest of the band unfairly by not letting them use my gear, makes a lot of sense right? Thanks for all the advice guys it was really helpful/funny.

You have nothing to regret. Btw, is he retarded or something?
i say wait till the last minute and THEN take all your stuff. Leave them lookin stupid.

Let me know what ya think!


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