I was playing my guitar through my wireless headphones upstairs (my computers in my dining room downstairs), and I absent mindedly left the computer wireless speakers on, (as you can see my dad hates wires). And my headphone wireless unit somehow got connected to the speakers, so I was playing my guitar out of the PC speakers, and my headphones. I've now got my iPod rigged up quadrophonically, it's pretty cool. I only really made this thread 'cause I thought it was pretty cool, similar to the guitar picking up the radio idea.
So I ask you UGers, have you ever had other cool things like this happen?
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Now you go get The Who's Quadrophenia album and laugh heartily.

Haha yeah, if only I had the money.
Looking to buy a Fender Jagstang, u sellin?
i once played a show at some local bar, and borrowed my friends wireless unit, as i have a knack for runnin around an playin solos on bar tables, and this bar has two rooms with two bands. well, the two of us, were usin the same frequency for each of our wireless things, and didnt know it. then the signals crossed, so his guitar went thru my rig, and mine through his. it was rather hilarious.

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Thats noise violation in a box!
i dont know if its the same thing but one time ages ago when we were on a 56k my friend phoned so i got kicked off the internet and i spoke to him, hung up then went back to my pc..i could haer him saying "hello? hello?" through my pc speakers as i tried to connect back to the internet..cooool
Wow Daza thats amazing I'd have loved to see/hear that.
Looking to buy a Fender Jagstang, u sellin?