I have an intersting idea (probably been done before). Someone submit one of their (or more than one if you're up to it) songs and or poems to this thread and I will make a song out of it. Bare in mind I am not the best singer or guitarist (see myspace in sig for preview), but will try my best and put forth an honest and serious effort.

Just thought this would be kinda neat, especially for people who send in the songs to see how someone puts their words into a song. I'm sure alot of people (especially those who submit the song) might be like, "oh man, what did you do to my song?!"

Also, I would encourage anyone else to produce some songs out of the submitted songs and/or poems, that way we can directly compare same lyrics in a different song. Just to get an idea of how differently our minds think.

Haha, this should be a lot of fun! Start submitting and we will produce!

If you would like to add me, send me a message to let me know your from UG!

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I'd perhaps consider this when the new forum is added. If you could PM your email we can discuss this and perhaps come to some arrangement, how's that sound?

But for the time being, closed.
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