Vis-à-vis waaay to many 'What theory book?' threads - VR2005, nightwind & I figure we should have a comprehensive list of all the books (this includes guitar theory books that teach fretboard geometry, mode patterns and applying them and so forth as these do fall under 'music theory') that get thrown around in here when one of these threads pop up - and then edit the MT FAQ to include them, so we have somewhere to refer those threads to, and somewhere for every user to check out some new books they might not have come across.

Here's where you guys come in - we don't just want a long list of books - we want a list of books with a detailed review on each - and we want you to write them.

We're not asking for 2 pages and an index list - but a brief synopsis of the content of the books, who they're intended for & most importantly your opinion of them - the people who've read them, used them and applied (or not) what they teach.. hopefully having something like this will direct people to books they can actually get something out of - we don't want someone who has never seen a musical staff before and doesn't know what an interval is to shell out for Mark Levines Jazz Theory.

Your review might look something like this..

Title: Title of the book.
Author: Author of the book.
Price: Price in USD $.

Content: This should be the most detailed part of the review - that covers everything from what's in the book, what isn't in the book, the musical examples & exercises (if any) in the book. Are the musical examples in tab, standard notation - both? How many pages is the book?

Audience: Who the book is intended for & who the books isn't intended for - what level of current knowledge is required to get the most out of the book? Does the book assume the reader is able to read standard notation to apply the theory and musical examples? Is the book user friendly and so forth.

My Review: Here's where you put your opinion and experience with the book - did it help you? Did you like the way it was written? How was it written? Was the book comprehensive? Include a rating out of 10. 1 being complete ****e, 10 being excellent.

..and anything else you feel should be included in your review. At the moment, don't worry about the formatting or vBcode - I can add all that if you don't have the time - which we do realize some of you may not have - so don't feel there's any pressure on you to write anything, if you don't have the time - it's completely understandable.

If & when you've written and finished a review, please send it to me via PM on UG - in the unlikely case my inbox is full or your review is too long to send in a PM, you can e-mail them to me at johnljones15@gmail.com.

The idea is still in the early stages - and it might need a little tweaking and more ideas.. so I'm going to leave this thread open for general discussion about the topic and to encourage some input from you guys, if you have any ideas you want to suggest, or if you're unsure of what books would be suitable or unsuitable - but please, don't post your reviews in this thread.

sounds great, seems like in the past few weeks this thread has really cleaned up well, ill be posting a review at sometime
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It sounds like a great idea But how are you going to fit so many reviews (if there is many contributions) on the first couple pages? Alphabetical order would be cool, but I think if there's a ton of books, people would have a hard time finding what they want and would just end up asking for a good book for they style, etc.
^Well the idea is for them to read the reviews to find something they like and can use, lol. There's no point writing them all if no-ones going to take the time to read them because they expect it handed to them on a plate.

Alphabetical order is an idea.. I was thinking more towards putting them under subheadings... 'Beginner Theory', 'Advanced Theory' and so forth..

I'm not going to actually edit the current FAQ, just add them on - in new posts underneath.
Oh, ok. I like the idea of Sub-Headings, but make it in Alphabetical order underneath the subheadings? lol.
I had some spare time so I've done a review, couldn't send it via PM so I sent it via the:

Send a message via email to Johnljones7443

option. I hope that works.... Great idea by the way.
^Yep it worked.. looks nice & detailed .. haven't had the time to read it all yet - V. much appreciated bud.
I suppose i can write one for the Guitar Grimoire Chord voicings book!
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