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Hey everybody, this is my latest work, and it's my best song yet I think. The only thing I'm not quite sure about is the transfer to the outro, so maybe you guys could help with that . Anyways, more detailed crits on this would be greatly appreciated, and I'll usually give very detailed crits back. First file is gp, second is midi. Enjoy!
Frozen in Time (gp).zip
Frozen in Time (midi).zip
Holy fuck man!!!!!!!
You are insane!!!! That was amazing!!!

The only thing I dont like about it is the guitars at some points in the song are a little low in volume compared to the strings.

I wish there was more music like this out there. Wintersun is amazing, and I think that this is better than any Wintersun song.

Edit: I saved it to my comp. This is worth learning.
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You're easily my fav musician on this site man
You always write the perfect acoustic stuff haha
Riff IV was amazing in my opinion...great lead stuff
Solos were great too, the keyboards were just as good throughout the whole song...awesome
1 thing bugged me though haha in the interlude Guitar 1 at bars 262 and 266 sounded a little odd, but thats just me
The outro was really was all good haha, not much to crit on...good job man
omg how long did yu work on this one??
this is very amazing...

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I really envy you......
I don't know how you make the harmonies so perfect....the harmonies are the best thing about your compositions (do you tech lessons about it , I would like to learn).
Those harmonies and effects in the first solo were amazing (even for GP)...I can't even figure them out....
The acoustic stuff was nice and relaxing....and the whole guitars worked together great, I didn't even realized they were more than 1!!
I love the strings too....
I also like the transition to...oh wait....metal , its seems metal can't be missing
Well, I can't complain about the metal part....but that I found the timpani and keyboard stuff to be rather weird...
Riff 2 and 3 are nice...and again, perfect harmony...
Wtf? I didn't expect that harp sweeping at 92 (good, as always).
I think Riff IV is my favourite...I really like it, and the drum changes too.
Arab music? these riffs are starting to get very interesting (btw, I love arab music).
Wow....a guitar solo, a keyboard solo, and two other guitar solos.....this is very typical of make like 10 riffs and 10 different solos and put them together (well, but they fit perfectly so I don't have anything to complaint about )
Ok....168 and on got me very confused....
Maybe you could put some more bass stuff in it...
I love 307 and those bends...
Maybe you should try to do more "simpler" solos and stuff if you expect us to learn it
Do you actually play that piano part?
I like the ending...I still don't know how you make the strings sound so good.

What I don't like too much is the abrupt endings in the Interlude and Outro and the wait for some piano or acoustic stuff.....

I would like to hear some classic rock stuff from you or something like know, 1 guitar, 1 bass, 1 solo and stuff like that....(you seem very fond of symphonic and melodic stuff)....
OR.....maybe hearing some stuff other than metal from you (well, there is metal in nearly all of your songs) know, for diversity.. crit
That was fcken epic dude! Totally envious... i really need to learn more about composing.

Haven't got a negative word for it. Hell, it's even insprired me to dust off an old epic I wrote and give it a revamp.

Thanks, I guess, haha.
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Jesus christ, there's not more to say.
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dude, that was ****ing amazing, absolutely perfect. That keyboard solo was nuts, and loved riff III.

Cant wait for your next song

Crit my little song?
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Wow sick stuff dude. My favorite part was how you simulated a delay effect in the first solo. Mind if I start doing that my songs on GP? I love how distorted guitars came in so epicly. I love the orchestral harp sweeping. Not too crazy about Riff IV though. It seemed a bit lacking compared to the rest of the song. Interlude was sick, especially that little spanish sounding rake lick. I get what you were going at when you tried to tab it.

Overall, the whole song is sick. Only thing I might wanna pick on is the mixing, volume wise. The guitars were hard to hear at some points and it sounded at bit muddy at other points. Riff/lick wise, it was excellent, except Riff IV which as I said just wasn't my cup of tea, as well as the 16th note sweeps near the end.

Excellent job though, I could tell you put a lot of time and effort into this
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man, this song is one of the best things i've ever heard on this forum...

i really like the first solo, with the diley, or whatever effect it is.
the acoustic part before it is also pretty porfect, nothing to say about it.
the solos are just, well, SICK!!! very nice with the keyboard and the guitar together.
the acoustic part at the interlode is very nice and kinda relaxing after all the distortion.
the riff after it is fine, like all of the riffs, but nice sweeps there.
the last solo is pretty cool, like the others.
and than, after all the distortion, very nice piano stuff.

man, you are extremly talented...
i'll give it 9.5/10.

btw, if you have any time, plz crit whatever in my sig
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So yeah....I want to make babies with this song.

The acoustic intro is mad hot. The solo is great. I don't have the patience to try to get the delay thing like that. I salute you for that.

I really can't find anything wrong with this. All the riffs were great. I don't know if I like the little key change deal in riff IV; it's sounds kind of odd. Maybe try a different interval to switch it up to. A second or a 4th maybe. The acoustic solo was weird too, but I understand the not being able to tab out exactly what you play.

Other than that, everything is more or less amazing. Great way to end it too.

I wish I could give you a better crit than this, but you pretty much got everything up to ace status. Great job, dude.

Bravo. Epic.

I loved the acoustic parts. They all sounded so... Classical. May I ask, who influenced the acoustics? (Classical or otherwise....) All the riffs were great... The Soloing was top notch as usual.
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Riff 5 reminds me of Symphony X so much.

The only major gripes about this: Drumming needs to be stronger, the fills were good, but the rest was weak.
Tapping at 168 seemed unnecessary.
The Orchestral effects could have been used to better effect, instead of outlining the chordal changes in the piece.
Riff 2, the one starting at 220 was repeated a bit much, even with all the variation it needs cut down IMO.
Bar 262 was out of key, and not in the good way.

Solo 5 , Nice, very Dragonforce

Damn this is long.

Nice outro aswell.

I think the main thing with this is that it's too repetative, other than that it's pretty damn good.
^^ yeah, I know the drums aren't the greatest, but I don't really know much about drums. And yeah, I know that riff II got repetitive at that point, but it just transferred nicely into the interlude then any other riffs I came up. If I ever record this though, it won't be an instrumental, it'll have vocals, so it won't get repetitive like you said. plus, i know about the thing in bar 262 was out of key, but I used the harmonic minor scale because of the G maj chord. thanks for the crit though man.

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Bravo. Epic.

I loved the acoustic parts. They all sounded so... Classical. May I ask, who influenced the acoustics? (Classical or otherwise....) All the riffs were great... The Soloing was top notch as usual.

thanks man, and the acoustic parts actually weren't inspired by anything, I just wanted to write acoustic stuff that was more complex. I do really like classical music, although it just didn't inspire this song. Plus thanks to everyone else too
Oh My Goodness Gracious Me.

I'm frozen in utter amazement and disbelief.

Standing ovation!

And a few of these as well

You deserve it, man. That was beyond awesome. Any particular bands/person that inspired you in the composition of this song?
Wow, this is amazing. I could never do delay properly in GP. I only have a couple of problems. 1, you should've used less riffs over again, and made different ones. 2, you should'nt have changed to distortion so quickly in the interlude (bar 275). Other than that, its a 10/10.
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That was fantatic... it will definitely be going into the playlist. Now if you could only get some real strings and a lot of time on your hands and record this song for real... you would be famous instantly... its fantastic.

Muchos Gracias señor.
I love this, and I love you.

So, how come there was a part where you couldn't tab what you play?
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This is utterley amazing, dude you totally have to get a band together and play this sort of stuff!! PLEASE TELL ME YOU LIVE IN AUSTRALIA!!!!

Ill never be able to make anything remotley as awesome as this.

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Best thing I've ever heard on UG, and one of the best melodic metal songs I've heard ever. Can't wait to hear it recorded.

One thing I loved were the orchestra hits. Riff V was my favourite, and the solos were insane. I'm not sure if the tapping solo can be humanly played, but with you apparently being inhuman, that wouldn't be much of a problem, would it? The piano's great, and fits right in with the strings...

Only crit I have...


Such chords are harder to play than they're worth, you could move the top tone to another guitar, and it would be way easier that way.

But then again, that wouldn't be of much concern to you, would it?

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see riff II when the extra guitar comes in it sounds like a dance song like from a club lol

the rest was epic, wintersun epic, but a different style obviously. everything was flawless. the leads were superb and the orchestral parts were perfect, i cant really pic out any flaws apart from the length but with vocals it would definitely keep anyone interested throughout.
dude everything about that song was absolutley perfect.i was ****ing amazed.your now my fave musician on this site.the harmonies were my fave part about the song,they fitted so well witht the rest fo the song.not a single note out of place.dude,job well done
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Dear god! That was amazing! After i was done listening to it i literally sat speechless for about 5 minutes straight. There wasn't one part of it that i did not like. For some reason i thought that it was over and couldn't get any better once i got to the Acoustic Interlude at Bar 236. But then the electric guitar came in at Bar 275 and the first thing that came to mind was "Where the hell is this going now" (in a good way ). You are a very talented musician to come up with this.

Now im kind of afraid to ask you if you wouldn't mind checking out my Progressive Death Metal Song Please dont be too harsh...
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Dude you always have the best acoustic orchestra stuff. No need for improvement whatsoever.
God like solo. the reverb makes it SOOO much better.
Great riffs when its fast. Reminds me slightly of dragonforce.
the harmonies are wicked!
Massive keyboard shredding FTW!
riff 4 is amaziing and it reminded me of COB how it went up in key for a few measures.
This song is perfect.
That second keyboard solo gave me a heart attack (in a good way)
Just when i was about to say it was getting repetitive the interlude comes on. NICE!
i like the interlude harmonies
Man it just keeps getting better and better.
I'm sorry but i dont think ANYONE can improve on this song. Its like the new stairway or through the fire and flames or something because everyone would kill to learn it.
I feel like a peasant asking a king...but...could you..crit mine maybe?
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