Normally I dont post new gear threads, but I'm pretty excited about the V3 combo. I'll yet to read a bad review and wanted an amp that'll do everything from a Twin to a JCM800 to a Triple Rectifier and think this is it.
Three channels, lead boost, master volume and 999 bucks
WOOT to me
Finally I see the V3 mentioned on UG! I have the head version of it and I love it to death. It's a great amp, but what really makes it shine is putting it through a high quality effects processor or something of the like. The amp has no built in reverb because Carvin built it knowing that most people that bought it would use it with pedals or rackmount processors.

Don't get discouraged if you don't find a badass tone right away. Theres a lot there. I've had it for maybe...2 and a half years now and i'm still learning how to get a better tone out of this thing.

Good buy, let us know how you like it once you recieve it!
I've owned JCM 800, 900 and 2000 DSL's, Mesa Single Rec, .50 caliber's, Carvin MTS3200, Fender Vibrolux and Twin's and wanted an amp that can do it all at a reasonable pricepoint (really that didnt matter, but it would have been nice ).
I'll let ya'll know what I think when it gets here next week.
I do have to get the verb pedal, but that's a minor issue.
I don't think theres a tone I havn't been able to find on this amp. The price is MORE then reasonable too. I think it is one of the best amps for your money's worth in it's class.

Be ready to play around with the knobs a lot.

If I get a chance in the next few days i'll post some clips of the tone I get out of mine.
I should get it around Monday or Tuesday, so once it comes in and i get to take it to rehearsal and put it through the ringer...I'll give an honest review.
I know it doesn't show a very wide variety of the tones that the V3 can do, but heres a little demo song of how I use the V3 in an everyday setting. I have my rhythm tone, lead tone (which needs some work), and my clean (which needs some work).

On the Carvin boards when the V3 came out people were concerned as to whether or not it can 'do metal', well..here's your answer.

i quite like the lead tone there. but yeah that clean needs work
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That's great man. i've been looking at carvin myself, but a little cheaper.

any experience with the SX series? their solid states, ya know.