It’s simple: You have the talent but not the time. The motivation but not the means.
Vulcan Marketing Group, a boutique tour, brand and viral marketing firm has everything: The talent, the time, the motivation and the means to take you from unknown to unavoidable. We specialize in promoting artists via social networking sites like Myspace. A Vulcan viral marketing campaign shines a spotlight on select musicians, filmmakers, and comedians and helps elevate them above the competition. See massive increases in your plays, page views, friends community and overall exposure on the web. Visit
www.myspace.com/vulcanmarketinggroup or send an email to vulcansales@idolroc.com to get a free copy of our Network Outreach Campaign.

Vulcan Marketing Group – Marketing Muscle For the 21st Century
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Agile AL-3100 (highly recommended)
SX SST57 strat copy
OE30 Hollowbody
SX fretless bass
Epiphone PR-200 acoustic
Yamaha G-40 classical
Epiphone Valve Junior head
1x12 custom cab
4x12 Behringer Half-stack

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