im doing a complete overhaul of my strat, and am looking for pickups as part of that project.

im looking for david gilmour/john frusciante type tone


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If you feel a standard single coil sounds too thin, I would recommend either Seymour Duncan's QuarterPounder or DiMarzio's HS-3 or YJM. the QP is a VERY high output true single coil PU with much more warmth than a standard SC, whereas the HS-3 and YJM are very low output stacked humbuckers with a lovely smooth and warm single coil-ish sound.
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for Frusciante, a '57/'62 set would work. Gilmour uses an EMG set with some on-board EQ knobs.

to get closer, u can get a marshall jubillee for Frusciante, and some DAVID GILMOUR SIG!!! http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Hiwatt-DG504-Custom-50-50w-David-Gilmour-Signature-Tube-Guitar-Amp-Head?sku=487175
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