OK hopefully im getting my first valve in a few weeks, second hand its a vc-30 212 with upgraded electroharmonics tubes, pre amp and power tubes. So when the guy posts it hes gona take the tubes out and wrap em up. But if going to band practice etc what do i need to do to the amp to transport it? And it there any other things i should know about tubes
Well he's probably sending it a much longer distance then you would go for a band practice and it will be riding in different trucks/ mail carriers so it'll need extra protection. When your going to band practice/ gigs or w/e you just simply put it in your car and dont do anything stupid with it. It'll be fine.
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Here's all you'll need to know for general use:

Let the amp warm up before use, a minute or two in standby is about right.

Let the valves cool down before transporting your gear. Once the valves are you cool you can happily put it in the back of the car and go wherever.

Whenever you have valves replaced, make sure you get a tech to bias them.

That's about it. Enjoy!
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Note that warming the tubes up before playing is critical to their longevity.