Hello everyone
Im going to buy a guitar but I dont know witch one im thinking getting ONE of this help to choose.
LTD VIper 40
Jackson DXMG

Please help.

If you are going to recommen another guitar please put some info =)
I got an Epi E50 Dot and I love it. They feel great and sound great. I also love SG's; they have great fret acces and it really feels like the ultimate rock guitar. But, it depends what music taste ou have/what you like to play.
You should go to a guitarcenter and play some guitars. What really matters is how it feels in your hands.
i like the jackson because of its feel and sound... i would stay away from dean though
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the jackson dxmg or the ec-500 would be the best quality-wise i would imagine. best if you try it out for yourself though
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