This is my first attept at making a song in harmonic minor and im having trouble deciding where to go with it, harmonic minor is a new playing field for me and im all out of ideas on where to go. I was thinking maybe like a slow nylon string part or something. Any ideas or opinions on where i should go with this song whould be appreciated.

I attached a zipped folder with the guitar pro file and the midi file for people who dont have guitar pro.

Feel free to rate if you like
new song.zip
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It's nearly 1am here and i cant find my headphones so I cant listen right now.
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Seems awfully repetetive. Bassically that one riff with a couple of fills.

If you wrote words to it, it might be a good song, but in instrumentals repeating the same thing too much kills the coolness that riff might;ve had.

What you have is pretty good but I'd add other riffs and themes throughout .
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I think it's actually pretty good (ignoring the fact it doesn't sound too original), but I'd like to hear some more harmonic variation and also some dynamics. Perhaps a clean section with the nylon string guitar - like you suggested. Some of those guitar fills are pretty crazy, I want to hear you play them with a real guitar!
ah i liked it but yeah like the other guy said this main theme is a bit repetitive, a clean section would be kool followed by a longer sweep picking section =)
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