Powerviolence, but i'd rather put it in hardcore than in punk.
Amazing band, wish they were still around.
Anyone know where you can buy their merch still besides eBay?
I have cancer, fight me.
yeah badskulls is the only place i've seen anything
How can I keep Stability
On such shaky ground?
Prayers that a smile will flag me down.
I've made threads about them but no one replied.
Appreesh this band.
Quote by LPIndin
our rythym guitarist made up the best rap ever. makes fun of the "milkshake song"

my breakdowns bring all the crews to the pit
and theyre like, "lets dance to this ****!"
damn right, we dance to this ****
I 2 step, windmill and spinkick.
You just got your arses whooped, by a bunch of goddamn nerds...

I love this band, Luke hooked me up with their discography a while ago and I don't think there's been a day I haven't listened to them.


Thou shalt always go for greatness
Thou shalt not commit adulthood (ALL)
Thou shalt not partake of decaf (ALL!)
Thou shalt not have no idea (ALL)
Thou shalt not allow anything to deter you in your quest for all (ALL!)