So today, I went to guitar center for some minor repairs on my guitar after a night of 'a bit too wild' jamming at a friends house. So I bring it in, and the guy gives my guitar a weird ass look as he's checking it out. He says, "Where'd you buy this guitar?"
I reply "Music go round. The little shop near target." He gives me another weird look and says "This guitar was made in europe."

me: "A lot of guitars are imported."
the guy: "This guitar wasn't supposed to be imported, these tuners are in metric."

So now he needs to order a custom piece for my guitar from the manufacturer in europe. Fan ****ing tastic.

Now, I don't know if this guy was full of **** or not, but it left me wondering how the hell a guitar from europe ended up in a small music shop in minnesota if it wasn't imported.


Some European guy moves over and trades it in at some point.

Either that or he was just being a stubborn **** and going "OMFG Metric!!!1one11!!"
what kind of guitar is it?
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ya...Vermintide is right. someone failed the critical thinking questions in grade-school...
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The metric system??? WTF??? What is that?

- - -

How much do you have to pay for the extra piece?
I have never heard of "metric tuners"

Could some one enlighten me?
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I don't remember bumping my guitar, but I guess I did because my G tuner was bent out of shape and shattered. One of my volume knobs was loose too.

And I don't know how much i'll end up paying for the piece, they said they'll call when it comes in. Probably around 30 bucks or something? Just a guess, I don't know.
...i'm pretty sure they could find that peice in north america, unless it's some weird european brand of guitar, when you pick it up ask to see the recipt/bill for the dilivery of the special part, he'll probably und up throwing it out so tomorow go back and as him to keep it so you can see it to make sure he isn't like....stealing
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Volume knob you can tighten at home, bent tuner you can bend the metal piece back, as for a tiner top, how it shattered if it was metal? i'm quite confused + what is a metric tuner :/